CocktailsKing Alfonso III
King Alfonso III
Edelweiss Noten
Edelweiss Mocha
3cl Edelweiss Mocha
1.5cl Edelweiss Nuts
3cl strong coffee
1cl cinnamon syrup
3cl milk
3 coffee beans
Boston shaker
ice cubes

Take a Martini glass and pre-chill it with crushed ice. Place the above ingredients in a mixer glass filled with ice. Close the shaker, shake vigorously for a long time, strain into the pre-chilled glass and finish with the coffee beans.


Not got any cinnamon syrup? Replace it with sugar syrup or make your own cinnamon syrup. To prepare cinnamon syrup: Take a saucepan and dissolve the sugars (50g light-brown sugar + 150g granulated sugar) in 24cl of water. Break the 4 cinnamon sticks and add them. Let it continue to soak for 50 mins on a low heat. Let it cool and then strain it into one of our empty glass bottles. Store it in a dark place.

The Flavors of this Cocktail

Edelweiss Noten
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Edelweiss Mocha
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